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Your safety is our top priority—that’s why we offer full brake checks and service every day we’re open. We’ll inspect brake pads, parts, and fluids and recommend service steps and timing.

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Common Brake Problems (When to Bring Your Car In)

Brakes are the first and most important safety feature in your vehicle. And, there are a few common repairs you’ll need to make from time to time to keep your brakes working at maximum efficiency.

  • worn brake pads
  • wear on brake rotor and drum
  • low or leaking brake fluid
  • contaminated brake fluid
  • air in the brake fluid line
  • loose or broken brake lines, hoses, and other parts
  • stuck emergency brake
  • loose hand brake

Replacement Brake Pads, Rotors, and Other Parts

Replacing worn brake pads and parts is essential to keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy. You should bring your car to a certified mechanic for a brake check or inspection if:

  • you hear grinding or squealing
  • the brake pedals feel spongy or slow-to-respond
  • the steering wheel shakes while braking
  • the car wobbles when braking

Contact us for a complete brake inspection from our ASE Certified mechanics.

Mountain Auto Repair Brake Service & Inspection

Our complete brake check and inspection covers a range of factors that affect brake responsiveness vehicle safety.

First, we test drive your car to assess how the brakes are working and to see if the rotors are warped. Next, we put your vehicle on a lift to check the condition of the brake pads, manually inspect the rotors, and look for any fluid leaks.

Additional brake services include

  • stuck emergency brake
  • loose hand brake

The time required for brake inspection varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. That’s because we do more than move through a simple checklist. We offer the extensive experience, attention to detail, and top-quality brake parts you need to get back on the road safely and with peace of mind.

Stop by Mountain Auto Repair in North Boulder or contact us to schedule brake service or inspection.

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